Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment FAQ

Q. Is this a scam?

A. No, it’s not! I’m not a scammer. I am an RA warrior who has found the secrets to cure, fight, and heal this disease effectively without damaging your health, and without medication at all.

Q. I have RA but in my hands. Can I cure it, as well?
. I have no idea because my RA attacked my feet, knees, spine, and neck. But I believe that yes, if you follow the same principles, it should help you, as well.

Q. I don't believe you; it's just remission.

A. No, it's not. Not at all. I definitely know the methods which will stop the swelling and pain in your joints. When I had RA the second time, I stopped using those methods, and after a few days, my pain came back to me. After I started to follow my methods again, my joints stopped swelling, and I didn't feel pain anymore. So, this is not remission; it's specific factors which can stop your RA from returning.

Q. So, you say that the cure for RA exists?

A. There is no cure, but my treatment reduces the pain by 95-97%. That is why I call it "cure".You still may feel some discomfort, but you will not have to take pills, and you may eliminate your pain completely. You will be able to walk and run like you did before, without pain. Your joints will stop swelling. Your will sleep like a baby without waking up every hour. You will be able to walk like a healthy person. That’s pretty close to being a “cure”, if you ask me.

Q. Why you don’t show us your face, or any info about your illness?

A. I’m a private person. I don’t want to show my face to the internet or publicize my journey on YouTube. Also, when I cured RA the first time, I didn’t think that I would make a course about it. But after three years, my RA came back to me, and I fought it again. So, this time, I’ve got some proof, such as different types of photos.

Q. Can I cure RA fast?
A. No, you can’t.

Q. Is it easy to cure RA?

A. Definitely not! There is no magic pill for it, and I won’t offer you any. But I will show you the methods that have healed a lot of people and helped me get rid of RA twice.

Q. Will it work for me?
A. I can’t guarantee you personally, as I can’t guarantee that you will follow all my secrets every day. But it worked for me, it works for my students, and it should work for you. However, don’t think that it is easy to get rid of RA.

Q. Why you can’t share this information for free?
A. Why I would give away a cure for an incurable disease for free?

Q. Why is your treatment so expensive?
A. I’m sorry for that. But I don’t want to give away this info for free, as it took a lot of my time and health to find the methods to cure RA. If you are not convinced, then keep spending money on doctors. Be aware that you spend $20-100 each time you visit a doctor, then you spend $40-120 for bloodwork, then you pay $20-100 to visit the same doctor again, and then he gives you a prescription for pills, injections, or hormones, which will cost you $80-200 to fill. So, you will spend $160-520 every month, harm your health, and make your condition worse. Does $75 still seem too expensive to you?

Q. How long will it take to cure my RA?
A. I’m not sure exactly. It depends how many years you have had your disease. The longer you have been living with RA, the harder it will be to get rid of it.

Q. What knowledge I will get from your course?
A. You will get all my knowledge and methods to cure RA, and which helped me and my students.

Q. Why you don’t have any students’ results?
A. Not everybody wants to show their faces to the internet.

Q. If there was a cure, wouldn’t my rheumatologist know about it?
A. How would they? First, they probably never had RA. Second, they probably never healed it, because giving people different types of painkillers is not the cure. So, how would they know about it? RA is classified as an “incurable disease”; this means that modern medicine doesn’t know how to treat this disease with pills yet. So, I will explain how to do it without pills.

Q. We are all different people; what if what works for you does not work for me?
A. The structure of our bodies is the same, even if our health is different. These methods worked for me two times. My students have healed RA with these methods, as well. So this my course works 100%!

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